Seminar on "Global Opportunities in Print"


NPES & IPAMA organized a conference on the “Global Opportunities in Print’ on January 21, 2009 at PrintPack 09 . The star speakers in the conference consisted of Mr. Ralph Nappi, President NPES, USA; Mr. A.D. Chatterjee of DIC India Ltd; Mr. C.N. Ashok, Director M/s Autoprint; Mr. Appadurai, Business Development Manager, Hewlett-Packard India Ltd; Mr. Tariq Hussain COO, Express Colour Scan (P) Ltd; and Mr. B.S. Kampani, Chairman, Indian Institute of Packaging, Mumbai.


 The conference started with a welcome address by Dr. Sheela Bhide, Chairman and Managing Director of ITPO. In her welcome note she emphasized that printed word is used in all spheres of life – and the continuous literacy growth in our country has put an enormous demand for the printed word so the growth of this particular industry is but natural. She expressed her joy on the unprecedented response from the manufacturers of graphic arts industry, inspite of economic melt-down, to showcase their cost-effective and economic on production-time with international standards of quality – she further emphasized that India manufactured machines and equipments have a great market awaiting in Jordan, South Africa, Sudan and Nigeria and gave a call to IPAMA members to participate in Made in India Shows organized by ITPO in those countries



Mr. Ralph Nappi, President, The Association for suppliers of Printing, Publishing and converting Technology (NPES) made a presentation “Global Opportunities in Print” and gave a graphic presentation of world print market region wise with the projection right upto 2011 and region-wise growth rate upto 2011 for world print market. He was very emphatic to say that key countries of print trade like North America Japan and Western Europe are on decline right now but in upcoming and leading markets India ranks number one with the growth rate of 73%. He summarized by saying that on a global basis print will thrive but from a growth perspective emphasis shifts from the developed world to the emerging world.


Mr. A.D. Chatterjee gave a total technical presentation about inks and its technicalities on various substrates. Mr. Chatterjee also gave a graphic description on environmental friendly inks and the inks tailor made on customer’s requirements and the inks created for the security printing. He was very optimistic to say that “Days are not far beyond and we all are looking forward to be the witness of “Green Printing”.


Mr. C.N. Ashok, Director, M/s Autoprint presented an information loaded presentation and posed a question “Why is the World looking at India for Paper as well as Print”. 18% of the world population is in India and two major factors in a country’s economy leading to more consumption of print products are economic growth and growing rate of literacy. The potential of India’s print industry in the area of paper and paperboard is only 4.59% – and India happens to be on the lowest level – so the potential is great if tapped in the right way and perspective.



Mr. Appadurai, Business Development Manager of Hewlett Packard was of the view that local opportunities are fuelled by globalization and opportunities in the international market – but we have to have standardization of the product as per international bench marks. He also was of the opinion that the brand owners need to be closer to customers and their requirements. Internet has no doubt revolutionized the Printing and has bridged the gaps between the print buyer and the printer in all the areas of publishing – may it be books, periodicals,

news magazines or newspapers. He emphasized that to reach to the global market what we need foremost is standardization and automation at all levels and we have to keep a watch that global organizations prefer environment friendly printing/packaging companies.



Mr. B.S. Kampani, Chairman, Indian Institute of Packaging, Mumbai expressed his views on the Brand Building Equity of corrugated Packaging – he explained that ability to provide added value to a company’s products and services is what he means by Brand Equity. Why we should build Brand Equity? – to create hype, enlightening, awareness, and goodwill through edutainment, leaving customers asking for more and ultimately leading to long lasting impression and recall for developing brand value of corrugated as a packaging medium but we have to emphasis on the special features of the corrugated.


The finest example of corrugated packaging are the Pizza Containers, of late in Indian defense items like enameled mugs, lanterns, para-droping of supplies. Even every day consumer items like coffee beans, tea, tobacco, textiles etc. even weather- resistant boxes for long term storage records and files are made out of corrugated besides boxes for horticulture items like apples etc.


For developing brand value of corrugated as a packaging medium – we have to emphasis on the special features of corrugated – like environment friendly and recyclable, good fungicidal properties, sturdy and strong, cost-effective, convenient to transport besides being capable of maintaining a firm shape and structure.



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